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Motion Analysis for Physical Therapy

Using Dartfish video analysis for your clients will help each one with the following common frustrations

Communicate effectively with your patient, giving individualized attention.

Support your verbal explanation with instant video feedback. Patients will be more aware of their improper movement and easily understand your corrective protocol.

Design a customized video exercise program for each patient. Display data on video (drawings, graphs, angle measurements) for increased awareness and accurate correction.

Track treatment progress over time, to increase the effectiveness of the rehab/healing process for each of your patients.

Analyze movements, progress, and outcomes.

Observe techniques using overlay, side-by-side comparison and from different angles simultaneously.

Track movement and trajectory to highlight technique deficiencies.

Import ANY CSV file (heart rate monitors, ergometers, pressure sensors, accelerometers, force plates).

Use advanced features with the Dartfish Pro-Version - automatic angle tracking, markers, patented Dartfish Simulcam and Stromotion video technology with simultaneous comparison of up to 4 videos.


Solution built to suit your needs.

Video analysis across all devices.

USD 20 / mo

Billed annually

  • Personal Workspace
  • Mobile app
    • Instant Video Feedback
  • Dartfish 360
    • Import mp4 video files
    • Drawing Tools